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Mechanised Site Clearance

What is Mechanised Site Clearance?

What is Mechanised Site Clearance?

Mechanised site clearance is the utilisation of machinery adapted for handling trees and vegetation to clear a given area. Unmanaged areas of land often become overgrown with trees and shrubs. These particular areas are often an impenetrable, tangled mass of thorny plants that are hazardous and time consuming to deal with by hand. The ground cover they provide often obscures hazards such as ditches and holes. This can be exacerbated on disused urban sites where large amounts of hazardous waste can be found hiding underneath. Using machinery on such sites is often the SAFEST and most cost effective way of clearing areas quickly and efficiently. 


How We Work

How We Work

Every site is subject to an assessment visit to allow an accurate risk assessment, estimation of timescale and machinery required to complete the job. It also allows us to tailor the quote to a specification the client will be happy with.

We cover all aspects of site clearance be that the removal of low lying vegetation such as grass, brambles and small trees to the largest trees. We can also remove stumps if needed, leaving the site a blank canvas for whatever usage is planned.


We offer a safe, professional and efficient site clearance service across the whole of North Yorkshire and other areas of the UK.

Our fully qualified, experienced operatives use the latest equipment to clear any site of trees and vegetation, from small domestic sites to large development sites. With our experience in the utility sector and working for construction companies as well as large vegetation management companies, we have no issue dealing with highway, powerline, and rail sites. While machinery is utilised wherever possible, there are sometimes technically challenging trees in positions where a machine would not be suitable. This is when we can call on our team of fully qualified arborist to work alongside our machine operators to get the job done! 


We have a range of machines to suit any situation:

  • Excavators with various attachments. Excavators are an extremely versatile tool for use in arboricultural work. Modern machines have the ability to accept a wide range of attachments suitable for arboricultural work. Grapples take the need for any heavy lifting or reaching into overgrown areas of thorn and bramble! Tree shears allow trees to be removed without the need for manual cutting ready for processing. Our smaller machines are fitted with height limiters making them ideal for working underneath overhead power lines or other critical overhead services.
  • Large capacity chipper for processing large and small trees. Our large drum chipper, fed by an excavator, is capable of chipping large amounts of timber and brash quickly and efficiently.  
  • Remote controlled Steep access machines with various attachments for clearing smaller, low lying woody vegetation. These specialist  machines are capable of traversing a slope up to 55 degrees. Much more efficient than using strimmers/brush cutters and not to mention much safer due to the remote operation. The controls allow the operator a much wider view of the work site at all times.
  • Forestry winch. This is a fast high capacity winch mounted on our remote base machines. This allows great flexibility when it comes to access, with the winch allowing trees to be extracted from difficult positions where other machines cannot reach. 
  • Stump grinding machines for stump removal. The machines toothed rotor grinds away the remaining stump to below ground level. Stumps can also be excavated but this is a more time consuming and expensive process.


Depending on the requirements woodchip can be left in situ and graded out on site or removed.

All woodchip that is removed from site is delivered to an approved green waste site for re-use.

All our machinery is fully PUWER compliant and checked regularly.

Our experienced, skilled operatives are qualified to CPCS, NPORS, and City & Guilds NPTC standards.

Contact us today for a bespoke solution to any site clearance you may have in mind


To deliver your project on time and on budget even in the most demanding environments