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About Us

Established in 2012 in Catterick, North Yorkshire as Powerline Surveying Ltd by the current directors Jason Smith and Nichola Cockerill Smith. The company primarily provided a bolt on service to utility companies, surveying overhead line networks and various other infrastructure assets for utility companies with a focus on trees and vegetation.

Due to Jasons extensive industry experience as an arborist, utility arb surveying inevitably led the company moving back into the practical side of things and expansion soon followed into all aspects of arboriculture, landscaping, fencing and many other land based projects.

Fast forward to the present and PLS Group UK. We work with our clients to find the safest, most efficient methods of completing their projects. Be it arboricultural works or any other land based project, our experienced team and machinery are able to hit any deadline and deliver on budget, every time.

PLS Group UK is now a multi-skilled organisation meaning you only need to deal with one company for all your arboricultural and land based projects!

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Management Team

Bringing experience together to deliver your project

Jason Smith, who has worked in the Utility/Commercial Vegetation and Construction industry for over 25 years. Jason began work as an Arborist in the power line sector and ascended through to managing teams on various contracts throughout the UK. His versatility has helped to deliver a wide stream of works over the years , this is still used today by himself and through the management and delivery  team, this ensures a safe compliant and rewarding workforce for any client’s needs to deliver a varied work stream.

In June 2012 Jason launched Powerline Surveying Ltd, which has gone from strength to strength carrying out vegetation and asset surveys across the UK for various blue-chip clients.

2014 saw the start of the vegetation management sister company Brookside Tree Services supplying resource to various commercial clients clearing vegetation on OHLs, Rail and Highways, Landscaping, Fencing and Forestry maintenance. Brookside has been around since 1970 originally formed by Alan Smith, Jason’s Father. This arm of the company now also delivers training to the Land Based  Sector, Tree and Ecology Surveys.

2019 – Jason launched PLS Group UK with a new Management team encompassing both Brookside and Powerline under its wings, this multi faceted company now delivers its own unique business stream.

Nichola joined Jason after having run a fashion boutique for several years in the market town of Richmond North Yorkshire ‘Erica Dillon’.

Nichola brings a wealth of business knowledge with her managing the Finance and Accounts within the company.

A qualified arborist, trainer and arboricultural surveyor,  Mark has over 30 years of commercial and private industry experience. His focus is ensuring we exceed our clients expectations through our high standards of professionalism, compliance, customer service and quality. 

Matthew is the man on the ground and the direct link between our field operatives and management team. He has extensive experience in personnel management, after a long and distinguished military career culminating at the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major. His pro-active and positive approach ensure the safe and efficient delivery of all our projects


To deliver your project on time and on budget even in the most demanding environments